Benefits of Access Control system for your Business in San Antonio TX

3 Benefits of Access Control for your Business

Controlling traffic has become a critical issue post COVID-19. In fact, many businesses have limited employee access to their facilities. Without an access control system it will be very difficult to know who is accessing your facility in San Antonio, TX.

One of the biggest benefits of an access control system is the ability to eliminate keys. Rekeying your facility anytime an employee is terminated becomes unrealistic and very expensive. Access Control gives you the ability to terminate the employee fobs without the need to change locks.

Remote Door Locking & Unlocking

Security companies like South Texas Security Systems use Infinias Cloud Access Control to manage clients facilities. The access control solution has the ability to remotely lock or unlock any door from anywhere. For instance, if you had an employee who forgot their key as long as they have their phone the employee could access the facility. As a business owner you also have the ability to fully integrate the access control system with South Texas Security Systems video management system.

In addition to many robust features South Texas Security Systems provides managed access control solutions such as adding and deleting employees, automating reports, and providing schedule changes. In addition South Texas Security Systems provides exclusive 24/7 emergency service, parts, repairs, and replacement of the access control system at no additional cost.

If you are in the metro San Antonio, Texas area South Texas Security Systems will provide commercial alarm system installation Service and free site survey and quote for your facility at no cost.

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