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South Texas Security Systems is a one stop shop for installations and service for Alarm Systems, Access Control Systems, CCTV Camera Systems, and Fire Alarm Systems. We provide service all throughout the State of Texas. Rather you are in the Texas Panhandle, El Paso, Brownsville, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Houston or anywhere in between South Texas Security Systems can service and install your security system. South Texas Security Systems is the #1 rated verified security company in Texas.


    South Texas Security Systems Services
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    South Texas Security Systems is built upon service after the installation. Rather you are a Fortune 500, Regional, or a local small business we provide customer service and support that is unlike anything in our industry. STSS provides custom solutions at a competitive price.

    If you are looking to upgrade your current alarm system, tired of paying false alarm fines, or need to upgrade your Access Control and Camera System. Let South Texas Security Systems provide you a competitive quote at no cost.

    About South Texas Security Systems
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    South Texas Security Systems Services

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    South Texas Security Systems is the best security company in San Antonio and #1 rated verified security company in South Texas. We provide exclusive video verification technology. Our commitment to service is like no one else in our industry with an average customer retention of 13 years.

    intrusion systems

    Traditional alarm systems are useless for your business. When your system is

    cameras systems

    Need cloud video or a NVR? No problem, STSS security cameras provides custom


    STSS provides exclusive security and access control integration. Our managed

    fire systems

    Tired of dealing with large companies who will not service your account? Our UL

    South Texas Security Systems Services



    If you receive a fine for a false alarm that was dispatched in error by STSS and caused solely by STSS ’s VIDEOFIED detection system (not by your personnel, the telephone company or an Act of God), STSS will pay the fine.


    After six months of service if you are dissatisfied for any reason, STSS will remove our equipment from your premises and refund all fees—no questions asked.


    Upon completion of your installation, you own 100% of the equipment. STSS is the only company to provide an obsolescence and upgrade guarantee. When your system is antiquated we do not search Ebay to maintain your old security system. STSS will provide an upgrade of your security system free of charge.


    No charge for trip charge, labor, or repair of any component of your system for the lifetime of the agreement. While other companies take 30 days charging a minimum of $1,000 per service charge. South Texas Security Systems provides 24/7 emergency service. Our average non-emergency service ticket is within 72 hours.

    South Texas Security Systems COMMITMENT TO SERVICE
    verified security

    During COVID-19 police did not respond to motion detection alarm systems. Why? Because 99% of all security alarms are false alarms. False alarms fines can cost thousands of dollars per year. Only STSS guarantees that you will never have a false alarm fine or we will pay for it. When your system is armed our Motion Viewers allows our central station to see what is going on in your facility in real time to dispatch police. The average response time to a security alarm is over 45 minutes. Police respond to South Texas Security Systems alarms within 5 minutes allowing us to apprehend the suspect. That is why only STSS catches criminals. No one else does that.

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    The STSS Way

    In The State of Texas South Texas Security Systems protects businesses, schools, churches, distribution centers and government facilities. We apply old-fashioned personable service with the latest world class technology.

    Our principles are simple. We care. Employees are family and we operate to serve our exclusive clientele. 

    In an industry where the average service call is over 30 days. STSS provides emergency service with the average service ticket completed in less than 72 hours?

    How is that possible? We simply care.

    South Texas Security Systems COMMITMENT TO SERVICE
    industry specific

    South Texas Security Systems provides security alarm systems solutions for a wide range of businesses, industries, and educational facilities.

    South Texas Security Systems COMMITMENT TO SERVICE
    We Offers a Better
    Verified Solution

    South Texas Security Systems has the quickest alarm verification, the fastest police response times, the lowest false alarm rates, and the best apprehension rate in the Texas security industry.